L Holding Limited is on a mission to make the world a better place. We partner with global businesses from diverse sectors to make this happen. From property to private equity, green energy, pharmaceutical, and luxury developments, we set drivers for positive change in motion, one investment at a time.


What We Do

Property Investments
Green Energy
Private Equity

Property Investments

We see potential and build value

Keen to broaden our impact, we now have properties in Hong Kong, Singapore, UK, and Australia.  We see how the world could be and explore properties that help us realise this potential. Our market knowledge and strategic capacities have been bringing these world-changing properties to life.

Green Energy

We are an ISO, BCA (ME03-Solar Integration) & Bizsafe Star registered company

With over 10 years of service in the industry, our Singapore team turns renewable energy projects into reality. From roofing to ground mounting and floating systems, we have completed PV installations in more than 150 locations in and out of Singapore. Additionally, we’re using reputable technology to get corporations and individuals involved in the fight against climate change.

  • Hong Kong Class-A commercial buildings and landmark malls
  • UK property market
  • Australia property market
  • Singapore freehold industrial units


We lead small dreams to far-reaching success

Our multiple anchor investments reflect our commitment to support enterprising companies positioned to make a positive impact in the world.


We deliver options for a better quality of life

Through our network in Malaysia, China, and Singapore, we connect people to a range of world-class international medical and personal care products.


We recognize and invest in lasting brands

We aspire to bring classic designer labels, such as Jacob & Co., from around the world and make them accessible in Asia.


We pursue a better world with others.

From United Kingdom to Malaysia and everywhere else we find like-minded organizations, we reach out to provide organisations the support they need to carry out their world-changing missions.


Private equity investments in Hong Kong and Mainland China.


We aspire to be a real game changer in improving living quality and resource preservation.


We are a unique and innovative investment company.


Mr. Wee Kuang Tai MNA (UK) MLJ founded the company in 2016 having accumulated over 10 years of experience