Mr. Tai understands the importance and impact of education and as a tribute to those who helped him become the person he is today, significant effort has been dedicated to supporting the development of young children in Asia.


Having built a strong foundation here as a student, Mr. Tai returned to his roots and funded the construction of a multi purpose area for his alma mater primary school which will be used toward the class activities and extra curriculars, promoting holistic education regardless of weather. 

Together We Excel 

Students from lower income families in Hong Kong faced significant challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic when financial constraints and extended period of remote learning posed significant hurdles. As such, Mr. Tai got in contact with a local welfare center that offers essential support to primary school children through after school mentoring and tutoring programs while also providing a much-needed outlets and support system for the students and their families. Over a span of 2 years, Mr. Tai funded over 1000 tutoring hours and workshops. IT equipment was also purchased to support distant learning.  Business funds were then matched and multiplied by government initiatives, further benefitting the students within the district.