Green Energy


L Holding has a dedicated Singapore team with over 10 years of experience providing holistic planning, development, operation, and maintenance services for renewable energy projects. As an ISO, BCA (ME03-Solar Integration) & Bizsafe Star registered company, our one-stop solution delivers top-notch quality standards and satisfaction to our residential and commercial clients. Highly knowledgeable in different types of roofing, ground mounting and floating systems, our team has successfully completed PV installations in more than 150 locations in and out of Singapore.

As part of our green energy initiatives, we operate a reliable platform that enables MNCs and home owners to support sustainable and renewable energy sources through the purchase of Renewable Energy Certificates (REC). Powered by blockchain technology and artificial intelligence, this innovative platform allows for validation and increased transparency on a public blockchain, effectively eliminating current issues in REC trading. Through this initiative, we are democratizing the Renewable Energy Market, empowering corporations and individuals to demonstrate their commitment to fighting global climate change.

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